Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Fun Stuff, and do good for others - fun music for the whole family, money for research.

Like a lot of people I have been following the blog Pacing The Panic Room for, gosh, about a year and a half now. I cannot for the life of me remember how I found it. I liked the photos, I liked reading about the pregnancy of Ryan's wife Cole as he was experiencing it as a first-time dad, and I loved the pictures of LB - the Littlest Buddy. I was curious, though, Ryan had alluded to some things they were experiencing with LB that seemed different from my own experiences raising Max and Lucy. And then I learned that there had been testing, and results of that testing, and finally: a diagnosis. Smith Magenis Syndrome - SMS. It's a relatively new discovery, this SMS, and it is early days yet in terms of research and general knowledge amongst the medical profession.
To raise funds for SMS research and awareness, Ryan put together an album of children's music - kids music for parents, actually - that I am really looking forward to sharing with my kids today. It's gonna be LB day around here - he's turning 6, and this is a big, huge, crazy internet birthday party.

Everyone loves a party, so you should come join us !

100% of the proceeds from this album will benefit an organization called PRISMS:

All of the information about the album can be found here:

The album is on iTunes.

Give it a listen, and consider buying the album for one of many reasons I could come up with (here are just a few):
-You will be supporting research into SMS, and perhaps improving the care and quality of life for many children - including LB.
-You will be supporting new and emerging artists - from the graphic and web designers to the musicians.
-It's unique, and would make a great gift.
-You have listened to enough versions of "Wheels on the Bus". Let's move on. Bigger and Better. New and Different. How will your children ever learn to appreciate music if you play KidzBop garbage for them?

My disclaimer: I wasn't compensated for writing this. I am not affiliated with PRISMS, Pacing the Panic Room, or any of the artists involved. I am recommending this to you because I appreciate that Ryan is getting off his ass and trying to do some good for the benefit of many. So check out and feel free to spread the word. Buy the album, make a donation, or just become aware of SMS and you will have done something too.

P.S. Do Fun Stuff was the number one Children's album on iTunes today. Yay for good music, good causes, and great birthdays.

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Judie said...

I just finished reading up on this syndrome. It is very interesting reading. I also looked through a series of images of childremn with SMS. They were all smiling. It takes very special parents to raise a child with special needs.