Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Fried Rice and Dirty Curtains

I just totally forgot the word "curtains". I was sitting here, staring at my filthy dirty curtains, and couldn't for the life of me remember what they were CALLED. "Carpets?" I thought to myself. "No....blinds? No.....drapes? Well, sort of but that would be a heavier fabric I think.......huh. What's the word?" I literally sat there staring at them in total confusion for a good 3 minutes before "curtains" floated back in my head and I snatched it and typed it down before I forgot it again.

That is the kind of week it's been.

When last we spoke, I was in search of more awesome and a long nap. I got the nap, but haven't quite found the awesome yet. I have my eye out for it, though. When last we spoke I was also developing one hell of a migraine, and it kicked my ass but good, let me tell you. I was minding my own business, sucking down a bloody mary and eating a fancy Monday morning "back to school breakfast" with some friends.....and the next thing I know, I had a little twinge. Just a tiny little "ouch".

Tuesday it was more of a "thud". Tuesday night I was puking, Wednesday I was at the clinic at 9:15am begging for drugs. Which I got. I think I spoke to every pharmacy tech and advice nurse available between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in a desperate attempt to get my prescription (which I had foolishly used up) refilled. I haven't been online save for a few quick emails in almost 48 hours and I realized exactly why I am always feeling so stressed out.

The amount of *stuff* I deal with and sort through and read and check in on, on the internets, is stupid. ANYONE would be overwhelmed. Anyone would feel they spent most of their time online. Because they do. I did. Apparently.

But not anymore.

I am cutting the cord. Or rather, the wireless connection. I am going to write here, as often as I always have. But my one major decision thusfar in the pursuit of awesome is:
I am not going to find it online.

I am not going to spend my days sitting in a quiet, empty house, online. This is my solemn vow.

And with that, I am off to read a book and sip some tea and immerse myself in the year 1777 which I am finding almost as interesting as my life in 2010. Almost.
Until the next dispatch I remain,



becca said...

I'm feeling similarly lately. good choice. I will follow your lead, except for your blog and a few others. I just won't search for MORE to read. all the best.

Elly said...

Very much agree - online has definitely not held my interest like it has in past days . . . hope the rl world contains your awesome!

Judie said...

Curtains. I know that word. Over the years, many family members lived in Mum's house for one reason or another. She was so good that way. If anyone had troubles and needed a place to live, she was there, ready to help. The issue I had with this arrangement was that no matter who lived there, no one EVER bothered to wash the curtains in the other bedroom-- the one the adults were staying in. They hung there, getting grayer and grayer, filthier and filthier, and still no one bothered to take them down and wash them. Could someone please give me an answer to my question? WHY?