Thursday, August 26, 2010

About that fried rice............

Seriously. I cannot even keep my thoughts straight long enough to cover the information contained in the title.

Fried Rice. I forgot about the fried rice. (sigh)

While I sat at my desk struggling to come up with the word "curtains" I was eating a bowl of reheated fried rice and considering, carefully, what to do with my afternoon. Now that the kids are in school my days are simultaneously wide-open, and decidedly routine. While I *could* do just about anything (within reason and within the constraints of time and place) what I choose to do is another matter entirely.

This week has involved lying in bed, reading, and eating. And eating. A veritable tour de pantry, in fact. I am rooting around in there, discovering tins of pate that a friend bought back from France long ago - long enough to keep me from eating it from fear of botulism or something equally quaint. Which is how I came to be eating some fried rice I discovered in a box in the fridge. I was hungry, I was foraging for food in my fridge which is overflowing with fucking CONDIMENTS but unless I am looking for a nice bowl of honey mustard or maybe some blue cheese dressing I wasn't finding much in the way of sustenance.

So I have a new rule: NO MORE CONDIMENTS.
And also: No more random foodstuffs.

If I don't have an actual plan to use it, I am not buying it. Which means no more cases of black beans, no more 3 packs of costco-size ketchup (even if it DOES cost less than buying one small bottle at the local grocery) no more fucking MUSTARD because I am not exaggerating when I tell you I have no less than 5 kinds of mustard in my refrigerator right now, all of questionable age and origin.

And so I take my leave, to continue eating my way through house and home, fridge and freezer, cupboard and pantry. I saw some BBQ sauce in my reconnaisance, and I believe I have a plan for it.

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