Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So since I am here and not there for the next month, I gotta figure out some way to make cash that does not involve responding to ominous and/or creepy craigslist ads that begin with "model needed".

Slim Pickings.

But I have hopes that I will get some work and with it some work experience, while I try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and go back to my real life. I do have one, you know.

I'm already missing my husband, because he is awesome and also cuddly. Lucy is cuddly but she is sort of over-cuddly with a lot of neck hugging and mouth breathing.  Max doesn't cuddle, plus he's always sort of sweaty and gross and he tends towards sudden movement which always involves me wincing and ducking and telling him to knock it off.

And I miss my friends and my house and my car and my dog but today pretty much as soon as I was able to function we went and had lunch and it was great and good and suddenly I didn't feel so far away from everything that is familiar. We sat in the warm sunshine with our friends who are from Maui but also from here which is so convenient, and we sat there right on the river and watched the boats and ate burgers and then went to the playground and let the kids run wild because they deserved it -mine after 5 days of travel and three weeks away from these children - their fremily, as we say on the island; and theirs because they miss their mama and the familiar faces of their island home that isn't their home any more. Two worlds collided in that little grassy playground, and exploded in giggles and shouting and maybe a few handfuls of mulch but I can't confirm or deny that.

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