Thursday, April 1, 2010

So are we just supposed to sit here and stare at each other all day? Or what?

This is the last week of working with a tutor. Max and I are bored. We need friends who aren't in school during the day.

This morning, while he built ever-more-exquisite Lego creations - including the mothership, which apparently has nothing to do with ME (humph !) I was reading my blogroll per-usual.

And on one the blogs there was this piece about homeschooling and looking for other homeschooling families - and I looked across the living room at my boy, who has been home alone for months on end......and I thought AHA !

So we joined Hive Moms. Which is exciting. Except there is no one on that site in our area.

This is a great idea. I hope we get some buddies in our hive soon :) Do it for the children. Think of how great it would be to trade free childcare or carpooling to town or petsitting or housesitting or gardening or whatever the heck you can think of that you would be willing to trade. Cross-trading is totally allowed. If you hate to drive but love to garden, I will happily take you to town in exchange for helping me to tame our yard.

See? Isn't that loverly ?

Join ! BzzBzzBzz !
(p.s. no one asked me to write this nor am I compensated in any way or employed by or related to anyone employed by Hivemoms. I just saw the link and thought it was cool.)

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