Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grateful to be so tired

I am not religious. Does that surprise you? Wow, really? You don't come here much, do you........

But my stark lack of organized religion (I'm not losing it - I never had it to begin with) does not mean that I live a life of wanton carelessness. Karma is a bitch, and I firmly believe that one must follow the golden rule like it's an extreme sport. Seriously. The golden rule IS my religion.

And so far my life has been pretty amazing. I'll be the first to say it. So while I sit here bitching about how my house is worth far less then I owe on it, and how stressful it is to get the kids accepted into a private school (oh, by the way, it's official, they didn't accept Max) and all of the other "good problems to have", I am well aware that I am blessed.

Which is why I was relived and grateful and ecstatic to only be unemployed for about 24 hours, before I started training at a new job. I don't take it for granted, the opportunity to work. I appreciate every paycheck, every tip, every chance I get to do something to contribute to our household expenses, especially when it doesn't interfere with my time as a parent.

Life is good.

Someday, my life will be a little more reasonable, and a lot less stressful - by design. That time is not now. Right now I am doing the hustle, and working till 3am, and then getting up in the morning to see those sweet little smiles and kiss those warm little faces and feed those big dumb dogs, and hopefully grabbing a nap at some point. I am hanging on, and making do, and hoping for the best, and dreaming of something better.

But I am, first and foremost, grateful.

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Unknown said...

I love this one--I can really relate (which is part of why, but not entirely why, I love your blog) :0)

(it's Jen PN up here in VT :0)