Friday, March 26, 2010

You, know I feel the same way

Last night I had to resort to the working mom's cafeteria: McDonalds.

We don't go that often, really. It's still considered a *very* special treat around here. So last night, when I got Lucy buckled up and headed down the hill to drop her off at gymnastics before I started my shift, I didn't tell her right away what I had in mind for dinner.

"Hey Luce, you want a burger?"


and a few minutes later it dawns on her......

"Mama, WHERE are we going to get a burger?" Oh, the twinkle in her eye. She sees where we are headed, and she knows, and yet doesn't dare to dream.....

"Hm, where should we go?"


"Are you *sure* you want McDonalds?"


So we go to McDonalds, and I get her a burger and oh my god you would think I just gave her the world. She's hlding it oh so tenderly, taking big bites and "mmm mmm mmm"-ing. I am rolling my eyes.

"Lucy, can you take it down a  few notches, there?"

"Sorry mom, but you know McDonalds. It's DAMN GOOD."


"Sorry mom, don't worry, it's not as good as your burgers."

Well, at least she's got that straight.............

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