Sunday, March 28, 2010

What sin a name

I am in the middle of a huge project here this morning.

Trying to choose a roller derby name.

This is a really big deal, people. There is a national registry of names, and you have to skate for a few months with your team before you can be registered, to prove you are serious. Dedicated. Committed. Not committed like psych ward committed - although, after watching the Maui Roller Girls (Crazy 808s) v.s. the Garden Isle Renegade Rollerz (GIRRLZ) during their bout yesterday I am starting to think that you might HAVE to be crazy to skate Roller Derby.

Which suits me Just Fine. OBVIOUSLY.

So After perusing the list of registered rollergirls, and playing around with a name generator, I am back at square one, which I think means that I have chosen my name....or it has chosen me. The name was thrown out there by one of my new teammates - I introduced myself, she mis-heard me, and the next thing you know I have a roller derby name.

And as soon as I am legal, all will be revealed.... It'll be like Christmas in July, people.

In the meantime, go get your own damn name. And if you take mine, you better keep your helmet on.
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Roller Derby Name Generator
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