Thursday, March 4, 2010

I filled out that STUPID census form....but I was bitter and resentful about it.

The dogs set up a howl on the back deck. I went to investigate, and there was a woman standing on the steps. She was from the census bureau. I took the form, brought it inside, and filled it out right away. At least, I filled out half of it.

Then I got to the kids information.

And the form asked if Max was my biological child....or adopted. So I checked biological, with a growing dread in my heart. Because next, next would be Lucy. And I would have to check a different box for her.

It's not an issue with her being adopted. It's not a secret. I could not be more thrilled that I am her mother. But I do not want her to ever EVER be singled out. Ever. Not ever. Never ever. I think you get the picture.

I do not understand why it matters ONE BIT how my child came to be my child. My legal child. I understand why you have to differentiate between foster children and biological children.....but not between biological and adopted. Because in my heart, there is no difference. It's not denial, it's fact.

These are both my children. In fact, we forget on a regular basis that there is any difference at all in how they came to be our children. Except that THANK GOD I wasn't miserably pregnant. We remember that. Oh boy, do we remember that.

But the simple fact is that no one should ever get all Sophie's Choice about my kids. I cannot discern, I cannot choose, I cannot differentiate. They are both my babies, my beloved adored babies.

So suck it US Census. I answered your questions, but I didn't like them.

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