Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mount Laundry

Listen, I washed the laundry. I dried the laundry. It's CLEAN LAUNDRY. It needs to be put away.

Yes it does.

Not by me.

Put away the fucking laundry.

Don't sit on it.
Don't lie on it.
Don't spread it around looking for something in it.
Don't use it to build a fort.
Don't stick empty Gogurt tubes in it "just until the movie's over".
Don't sort it and then leave it spread out all over the entire living room.
Don't move it from one spot to another.

I left it in an inconvenient and obtrusive spot ON PURPOSE.
Put. It. Away.

All of it.

I am going to work now. I will be busy for the next 8 hours, being paid to take away other people's dirty dishes and glasses, and bring them clean ones. It's what I do. All day long. And unless you are planning to tip me, I'm not coming home and putting away your shit too.

Just put away the fucking laundry.
Happy Holidays.

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