Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day after the day

(pssssst. Hey. You there? It's over. It's December 26th. Can you tell? Do you feel it? I feel a hundred times lighter. I do.)

Oh my GOD it is beautiful outside. And I have this great house overflowing with abundance: food, clothing, and love. And cardboard. What the FUCK is up with all of this packaging? We did not buy that much. And actually, we, purposefully tried to buy things that did not come wrapped in plastic and cardboard. Apparently, we failed miserably. Of course, part of the problem is all of the gifts that were shipped here. I adore Amazon, I do. Not very eco-friendly of me.....I confess. My carbon footprint reflects my size 11 feet - in hiking boots. So this morning, we cleared out the house and put all of the recycling in the back of the car. (The irony of having to DRIVE my recycling to the recycling center, further contributing to my over-sized carbon output, is not lost on me. But I'm not carrying this crap 2 miles on foot. I'm just not.) And with all of the holiday detritus out of here, I feel a sense of relief that is hard to describe, both physical and emotional.

I have everything I need, and I want for nothing.

Except another cup of coffee. I really WANT another cup of coffee.

As we charge towards the end of the year, riding this holiday season like the mechanical bull that it is, I am hoping the quarters run out so I can catch my breath for a few minutes. Maybe go to the beach. Take a nap. Sit outside somewhere, quietly, with the dogs and the kids and my husband, in the sunshine. No iPod or Blackberry. (Yes, I said it, I might leave my blackberry at home. I might. Maybe.) I don't necessarily want to reflect on this past year - it was pretty stressful, and it flew by so I feel like I didn't get quite as much out of it as I should have.....but it's done. It's done and it's gone and rather then reflect, I want to dream. Dream about what's next. 2010 is going to be a big year. A great year. One for the record books.

Or, it could fly by, and I could be sitting here next December scratching my ass and wondering where the time went.

Either way.

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