Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is not good. Not good at all.

Greetings from Thanksgiving hell.
I know. I never thought I would say those words either. Only, people are getting all up in my Tgiving plans.

It all started with the car. I have spent 2 days in a row dealing with the service department at the car dealership. We had an appointment for yesterday, but once I had dropped the car off and run some errands and was wandering around Saver's checking my watch and waiting for them to call, they called..... to tell me they ordered the wrong part, and I would need to come back tomorrow. Which was today. The day before Thanksgiving. Because I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO.

And today, instead of cleaning and cooking before heading to the dealership, I had to attend Mass with Lucy's preschool, because Lucy was having a total meltdown at the idea of entering the church. I mean, a Rosemary's Baby kind of meltdown where she was on the front steps clutching the handrail, sobbing hysterically and blubbering "NO NO NONONONONONONO." And since we never actually met her birthparents, you know, we can't really be sure what we're dealing with and I figure if her head starts spinning around I better be there to hold her down and scream "Run For Your LIVES". But of course, that didn't happen. She just didn't want to go up to the alter in her paper pilgrim outfit.
And really, who can blame her.

Once we had gotten through Mass, I had to go pick up the car. Which involved driving to the restaurant, dropping off our other car for me to drive home after work, then getting a ride to the dealership and, well, DEALING with that, and then running a few quick errands, and heading up the hill to eat and get organized in my teeny tiny head in a very short amount of time.

So I have a list, and I got started on the cleaning, but I have to take a nap before I go to work since I will be there until about 2am. And I guess that means a lot of the cleaning is going to have to happen tomorrow. Because it's a LOT. And I am TIRED.

And tomorrow, my big day, I will wake up to the same sort of pigsty I sat in all week telling myself there was no point in cleaning up before Wednesday because it would just get all messed up again.

Yes I am an idiot. I'm pretty sure that has already been established. I have to go scrub the toilet now, so poop if you need to because after this it is OFF LIMITS.

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