Monday, November 30, 2009

If I get fired, I blame it on the tryptophan

Listen, I just couldn't help myself.

I issued a loud disclaimer to everyone throughout the day.

He said no. He said absolutely not. He said it was too soon. He flat out refused me.

And I did it anyway. As soon as he had a day off, I went and played holiday music in the restaurant.

Oh yes I did.

I had to.

It's a sickness.

And here it is, 2:40am, and I am wide awake and feeling GUILTY for doing it. So much for defiance. How pathetic: my version of anarchy these days is playing holiday music too early in the season. How can something so right, feel so, so, so wrong?

I have to confess my sins. I have to take what I got coming. I have to apologize for breaking his strict edict. I am a brat. He knows this. He probably won't be surprised. But he might be mad. Plus, I only sold 3 drinks all day long. If I had sold a bunch of cocktails during my shift, I would have earned some brownie points. But as it stands, he may be less inclined to forgive because my alcohol sales sucked so badly. Alcohol sales count for something. Or nothing, when you don't have any.

So if you find me wandering the streets weeping into my apron, you'll know why.

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Liz Culbert said...

Deck the halls... I love the green background, much easier on my aging eyes....