Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some quality time on my hands and knees

Well good morning.

I am sitting here, alone, with 7, wait, no....6 - oh, but's it's Wednesday so FIVE HOURS of solitude stretching before me.


I launched a blog 2 days ago that is going to help keep me sane in this (very) empty nest I call home. 4 days a week, I will be flying solo. That means I can eat and drink and pee whenever I want to. If I decide to go to yoga, I can just jump in the car and go.


But not right now. Right now, I am heading into the kids' rooms with moving boxes.
No, we're not moving. Or at least, or family isn't moving.

But all their shit is.

I have had it with all of the little pieces of crap all over this house. The clothes that don't fit but always seem to end up back in the drawers. The laundry that ends up in closets and under beds and behind furniture instead of, oh, I don't know, IN THE DAMNED HAMPER.

I'll take before and after pics, just for you.

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