Monday, August 24, 2009

How far I will go to avoid conflict

This morning, just now, I caught myself ducking behind the island in my kitchen, to avoid being seen by a neighbor.


This neighbor probably couldn't give a shit less if I was in my kitchen, but still the compulsion to avoid any sort of contact was so strong that I got down on the kitchen floor.

Have you seen my kitchen floor lately ? It's pretty gnarly down there.

So to summarize:

I am insane, and I need to mop.

Things in my little world have been bumping along, and everything is leading up to TOMORROW. Tomorrow is the day when Lucy starts school, and tomorrow morning at 8:05am I am going to walk through the door a free woman. (Until 2:05pm. But still. FREEDOM.)

And so begins the rest of my life. Mother, yes. For sure. But also, an individual. An individual at home alone. Let's hope I can get off the damn floor and leave the house.

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