Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stoney Maloney and other tales of high adventure

So yesterday ? When I was obnoxiously, spazztically energetic, to the point that I gave myself the spins ?

THAT was yesterday.

Today, you'll be pleased to know, I reverted back to my usual "no plan, man" persona.

Ahhh. Reunited and it feels so gooooood. I got up, packed lunches and snacks and waters and went out to breakfast, then over to the west side to lie around for 4 hours in the sun with another mom and her boys. Good Times. I got a few calls in response to the ad I placed looking to buy a longboard, and connected with a guy who is selling me his board tomorrow which left me free to relax and not worry about meeting anyone today. Max borrowed one of the other kid's boards and caught his first solo wave - which was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced as a parent, watching my kid stand up on a wave and just FLY. Amazing is actually not the best word. I was enthralled, and also so excited FOR HIM that I had to just leap out of my seat and whoop and holler and scream and clap and dance around in a little circle because I could just FEEL how excited he was and I was so glad I was there for that moment because he was so fucking PROUD OF HIMSELF. It was awesome.

So we were all relaxed and lazy and getting a little burned but nothing crazy because we don't want to look all weathered and leathery you know, we were just kinda pink cheeked and there was a nice breeze and then

Talk about buzz kill. Rumors flew that he had stepped on a sea urchin or gotten stung by a man-o-war and frankly, I didn't hang around long enough to get a straight story. We were up in a flash looking for the kids, and I was packing up to go home and herding the kids back to the car.

It was good that we left when we did because I had to drag my ass home and get a platter together for a party, and bake some cupcakes - which I did with great success, thankyouVERYmuch. We made it to the party on time with platter, cupcakes AND camera....and had a fine old time right up until the DJ showed up and the music got really loud and I overheard some guy say "no more for me, I'm Stoney Maloney" and you know what I just didn't even want to know. I tracked the kids down in a bedroom watching Alvin and the Chipmunks ((((shudder)))) and made our way out the front door, slowing down only to grap chocolate dipped strawberries and my Tupperware. We were so outta there. I don't think Stoney Maloney minded that we left, he had eaten all the cupcakes by then anyway.

We piled in the car giggling and lickiing our fingers, turned on our favorite song "Kick out the Jams" by MC5, and took off for home with the stars shining bright and the waves crashing in the distance as we sang along at the top of our lungs "ITS TIME TO KICK OUT THE JAMS, MOTHERFUCKERS" except Lucy doesn't know what the words are, or what motherfucker means anyway, so after she yells "JAMS" she just starts to shriek and shake her head violently. Max knows exactly what the words are, and sings them with gusto - but Lucy totally drowns him out so I think it's all good.

In retrospect, the best part of today is that while it was seriously a ZERO stress day, I remembered to do what I needed to do, brought what I needed to bring to the places I needed to go, and got a ton of stuff done between relaxin', which was awesome and such a relief.

So moral of the story is, you don't have to run around like a complete ass to get things accomplished. You can chill out, and enjoy your kids and your surroundings and your friends and family and STILL manage to get to the bank and make a sandwich platter. And you don't even HAVE to be Wonderwoman although you totally can be if you want because, well....that's fucking hot.

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