Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here's my big BlogHer announcement.
I don't really know what BlogHer is, and I am not going to Chicago for their annual convention.

Which didn't bother me at all until a friend from college who lives in Chi-town had a baby 2 days ago and he looks like he smells good and would be nice to cuddle and now I am kicking myself for not planning to go to Chicago for a convention that I don't totally understand and completely intimidates me. And now of course, the ladies that ARE at BlogHer are posting pictures of all of the fun and swag and parties and I am devastated because seriously, there is nothing I like better then a hotel room party with lots of booze and giveaways. But I wouldn't know where to begin, and I don't know anyone who will be there and no one asked me to go and like I said, I am still a little unclear on what BlogHer is all about.

But all of the big names will be there, and they should be pretty drunk by now so if you are looking for a good time I would head for the Sheraton in Chicago and look for the hordes of drunk women wearing wigs.

When I read a blog, I just assume that the blogger has been blogging for years, and then I learn they started their blog on a whim 6 months ago and now they have 400 followers and multiple advertisers and they are on a panel at BlogHer and they have all of these bloggy friends and I am all "What the fuck am I doing wrong?" And the answer is "Not Going to BlogHer" apparently.

So next year I am totally going. Maybe.


Judy Haley (CoffeeJitters.Net) said...

I totally understand. I started my blog in 2004 and I'm still lucky to get 3 comments a post. I wanted to go to BlogHer this year, but with a new baby, and no money... maybe next year. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering how to make my blog popular. Maybe I need to use more profanity, all the famous bloggers seem to do that ;)

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

SO on the same page. Not totally clear on BlogHer and since I'm all pregnant and can'y get drunk in a hotel room my shy side might have come out anyway. So dear Daffodil if you might maybe go next year I will meet you and be your friend and I will be all done with babies and able to get drunk, overcome my little fear of strangers and figure out exactly what BlogHer is.