Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Really important things that are on my mind.

Important thing number 1.

What does a $2.95 bottle of walmart Cabernet taste like. I'll find that out tonight. More later. It has a pretty label - does that count ?

Important thing number 2.
Two small people in this house are wearing diapers. Someone took a dump. Because both of these people are napping, I have to wait to see how it all turns out. More later.

Important thing number 3.

We are going out tonight to celebrate a new writing gig. I thought I was a featured blogger on a website, but today instead of being posted in the blog, it was posted as an article. With photos. I have no idea what's going on. I shall have to email my editor and ask what's going on. More later.

Important thing number 4.

For our celebratory dinner, we are going out for lobster - something I haven't eaten in a year. I love lobster. My husband's father used to have lobster traps, and I gorged myself on lobster during the lobstering season. Lobster salad, hot and cold lobster rolls, baked stuffed lobster, any and all lobster was welcome. But the pacific lobster SUUUUUUUCKS. So I have been lobsterless.

Very very sad.

But lo and behold, there is a place in Kona raising Maine lobsters. They call them "Maine Kona Lobsters" and that just makes me laugh, and then want to eat lobster. So lobster it is. I wonder if it will taste different then Maine Maine lobsters. In Maine. More later.

Important thing number 5.

Tomorrow, in celebration of Trouble's birthday, I am attending her spin class. I am petrified, but want to show my support of her status as certified spin instructor. Except I keep referring to it as "pedaling class" and I think she's getting pissed off. The detail weighing most heavily on my mind is "how bad is my crotch going to hurt after class ?" I am guessing it'll hurt a lot. More later.

Important thing number 6.

I am seriously contemplating selling the wagon, since everything still works great and I think I am pushing my luck by hanging on to it any longer. I mean, who am I kidding, driving a BMW. Yeah, it's used, yeah it has a ton of miles, yeah, the inside was destroyed by the previous owner's dog, yeah I got it for cheap......but let's be serious.

That said, I don't think I can do it. I love that car, and my heated seats, and the fact that when I hit the gas pedal that thing takes off like a shot. I just can't quit you, German mom mobile. Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow. More later.

Important thing number 7.

My neighbor gave the kids a bag of home made cookies yesterday. Is it OK if I just go ahead and eat them all ? Because I am pretty sure that is what's going to happen........

................more later.

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