Thursday, July 16, 2009

It started out fine and ended with Miller time.

I just drank an MGD, y'all.

I don't think I have ever actually *had* a Miller Genuwine Draft Beer. (And yes, I DO spell it that way thankyouverymuch. Gen-You-Wine.)

I hadn't actually had one until tonight, that is. At the Crusty Crab. (Which is another long story.)

It turns out, MGD tastes like piss. Which makes sense, because it also LOOKS like piss. Not. Impressed.

So then, I ordered a roll - a tempura-ed California roll. Good GOD it was awful. The whole situation was just ridiculous. I'm sitting there in a sushi joint located in the middle of a parking lot, at 11pm, drinking MGD and eating crappy sushi and thinking "How the hell did THIS happen. And why am I the designated driver ?"

Luckily, I had *stunning* scarlet red lips (Bethany said so) and freshly trimmed bangs, which made everything much easier to bear.

And the sushi is not any better an hour later, cold, after a car ride in a styrofoam box.

I'm eating it anyway, but I'm just saying.


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Zach Oat said...

1. You ate at a restaurant called the Crusty Crab? I would not want to eat anywhere with "Crusty" in the title, regardless of whether the owner is a Spongebob fan ( or a Battle Beasts fan (

2. You can tempura an entire California roll? I am not going to the right sushi places.