Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you there, Internet ? It's me, Daffodil.

The internet is a funny place. A wealth of information (and MISinformation, I might add) and a place where total strangers can connect.

Rife with possibilities.

Today, I went to write a new post, and there was a COMMENT ! To be MODERATED ! For the SECOND TIME THIS WEEK. It blew me off my seat. No one comments here at Adventures in Paradise. At least, not in a great long while....and even then, the comments were from my beloved Aunt, my darling sister in law, or far-flung friends. Even my brothers steer clear. (Have you noticed ? Ouch, I have. And yet, one brother links to his blog like, eleventy-billion times a week on Facebook. So hell yeah I noticed.) I wonder if it is because everyone is just sitting there, slowly shaking their heads at what I write and then saying "Fuck, she is out of her head" and backing slowly away from the site, hoping I haven't captured their ISP and that they can slip out under the radar.

Ain't nobody here but us chickens.

Until this week ! Oh, joy of joys, someone new ! Brittany has joined the flock, and she was willing to admit it publicly and I LOVE HER for it. *mwah* And Braja, who is someone I have read for a while, and feel so touched to have come to visit lil ol' me with all of her hundreds of followers, and world reknown. You can excuse me for feeling giddy.

And then I went to facebook and I had a Friend Request !

I know, I know....I couldn't believe it either - today is My Lucky Day. I must remember these underpants for future endeavors that call for an adoring fan base.

Can you feel the love ? I ask you.....CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT ??????

So I click on my friend request, and it's......Bob. From England. 50-ish. He's in a relationship, moderates some health blogs, and he wants to be my friend. I'll just bet you do, Bob.

Because he does not meet either of my requirements:
1. I must know the person personally, or have mutual facebook friends so I can check your references; and
2. They cannot be old enough to be my parent
I responded to Bob's olive branch with the ignore button. While yes, technically Bob is sort of young to be my parent, he is definitely not my peer, and therefore has been disqualified on two counts. Sad but true.

It's for your own good Bob. I am obnoxious on facebook. You would fall out of love with me and my sexy profile picture in a hot minute. Let's keep the mystery alive, shall we ? Yes, let's do.

But here's where it all gets interesting, vis a vis "the mystery".

I blog semi-anonymously. My friends know who I am, but that's about it.

And I am contemplating busting this whole thing wide open.

I know ! Wouldn't that MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE TO YOU ?! But because I have so little to obsess over besides the emo-ness of my posts, and my lack of readership, I have got a new fixation. Whether to start really promoting this blog - and if so, to promote it as Daffodil, or as the real me.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, he's just helping with the laundry. This is about me and mine. I write for fun here, but I write for money elsewhere. (Ooooh that sounds dirty - I like it !) So, could this blog gain a following if I actually attach it to my published writing ?

Meh. Probably not. Who knows how many people read my credited writing anyway.

And in an instant, the discussion is over. How about that. Hm.

Well, thanks for the help, good talk, have a great day, see ya later.


Mommy Words said...

Oops I'm sort of new to this blog thing though I like it. Guess I just threw myself out there too early. Maybe I should have called myself my favorite flower...Dahlia. Shit that would have been pretty.

Here's the thing...lots (ha - some) of people were coming to my site who are a lot more conservative than me. (No likey the F word at all) I did some post about sinning and how much I do it a couple months back and I think maybe the keywords got em' or something. So I decided to find some people who liked the same blogs I did and VOILA! It was either Dooce or Finslippy where I found you.

I liked your post and your name Ms. Daffodil so I commented and I like following things that are good so I followed.

*MWAH* right back at ya! I'm g;ad I made you smile. And I have the same Facebook rules.

Zach Oat said...

Hmm. Well, it's a good thing I don't comment too much, or else people would have figured out your last name by now.