Saturday, June 20, 2009

So this will actually be Day One of my photo journal

I have no idea why the title of my previous post stated that it was Day 1 of my photo journal, and then the actual post contradicted it's own title, and said I would be starting the journal the very next day, when in actuality neither was true - I had no intention of doing any such thing.

I am such an asshole.

OK, moving on. This is actually, officially day 1. But just barely, because it is 10pm. I better get rolling. If you want to see these photos in greater detail, just click on them - they will go to a new window, with a larger version of the photo. To get back to the blog, hit the backspace (or back arrow) key.

So today is Saturday. Saturday morning at sunrise, the Farmer's Market in my little town opens for business. Now, some farmers markets on island are not actually *farmers* markets, per se. Some of them are markets run by sweet filipino ladies with boxes of produce that they have purchased from god knows where, that they are selling in the middle of one of our malls.

But the market in my neighborhood (which is located in an area that is fairly rural, with a lot of agriculture and wide open spaces and mature fruit trees) is the real deal. Real people, selling real stuff that they grew or made themselves. Most of it is organic by default rather then by design, but I am not too hung up on buying organic. There is a good reason for that: all seeds, plants and produce that are NOT grown on island, and are flown or shipped in - even organic produce that isn't grown here - is irradiated by the US Department of Agriculture upon arrival. Therefore, I prefer to focus more on locally grown, and not worry so much about whether it is organic. At least it hasn't been zapped to within an inch of it's life.

But I digress. Here's a photo of the farmers market this morning. There is heavy cloud cover over the Mountains in the background, so you cannot see the mountain/ocean view, which is a shame. But regardless, here is where I try to start my Saturdays:

And tonight we took the kids rollerskating, which was pretty much totally awesome. We went at 6pm, so you can also get a peek of the sunset in some of these. The rink is right next to the ocean, and it is a public rink - free to use, and skate rentals are $5 for the 3 hour free skate session.

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