Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily Photo Journal day one

Tomorrow is the launch of my One Week Photo Journal.

Each day next week, I am going to post at least one photo (but more if you are lucky !) documenting this summer. Because we live in Hawaii, some of these photos might seem very exotic, but trust me - it's not. Because right after we have taken some gorgeous photo of the kids swimming or a rainbow or whatever, we revert to Real Life where someone pees the bed or gets a speeding ticket or has to clean the bathroom or go to Costco on (gasp ! Zut Alors !!!) Sunday.

OK, that last one isn't true. We never go to Costco on Sunday anymore. It's a fucking nightmare beginning at noon almost every day. There are 2 windows of time, Monday thru Thursday, when I will agree to go to Costco. 10am-11am and 6:30-8:30pm. Period. If you see me there at any other time, I will be muttering to myself angrily and you should just Walk Away.

Friday thru Sunday are almost completely off limits for Costco because even if we make it through the store OK, Sami just about has a nervous breakdown in the parking lot. He can't handle the tourists trying to operate their newly acquired rental car and the locals who just don't give a shit anymore and will gladly run you over with their HUGE trucks. You can recognise them by the stickers on their windows that say things like "Welcome to Maui, now go home" or "Aloha also means Goodbye" or "Grown Here not Flown Here" or "Respect the Culture" or "Riding Dirty" (I still don't know what that means. People have told me what it means, but I don't believe them. Because if it means THAT why on earth would they put a sign proclaiming it On Their Car ?)

But I digress.

My point is that I am going to take photos, every day, of my life.
For One Week.
And I am going to post them here.
And you can look at them, or not.

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