Monday, June 8, 2009

Dead rodents and bad attitudes

Yesterday there was a smell at the cafe. Over by the blender. Perhaps coming from behind the freezer. I'm just saying.

It was awful. Gag-inducing.

And the worst part is that there was no way to deal with the situation while the restaurant was full of customers. Eating. The food we prepared.

It was hot, and busy, and I was depressed (more on that later) and nauseous from the smell, and it just made for a very difficult day. Compounded by the fact that when I did finally get home, there was company and I couldn't just take off my clothes and lie down naked under a ceiling fan for a minute.

Which I totally had been planning on doing.
And actually, now that I think about it, I still could totally have done that and the guests would have been OK with it.
And the real issue is that we had guests because the judgement issues/parenting styles that used to be so compatible in our marriage continued to be askew. So askew that our neighbor decided she needed to come over and SUPERVISE until my return. Because seriously, it was that bad. Bad enough that someone walking their dog realized that perhaps my darling husband needed a little gentle guidance in my absence. That he was clearly in over his head on the slip and slide.

Because doesn't every issue in a marriage come down to the slip n slide. I mean the literal slip n slide from Walmart that has been unrolled in our front yard all weekend.

Let me recap, as I can see that I am being vague.

1. Toddler has horrible reaction to being in sun while on antibiotics.
2. Instead fo keeping toddler indoors and out of the heat and sun, Husband continued to set up the waterslide in the direct, hot, burning Maui sun every afternoon for the kids to play in said sun, and drive to town with kids - where it is (if possible) even hotter - to run unnecessary errands.
3. Increasing Toddler exposure to heat and sun.
4. Added a hat and sun shirt on Sunday slip n slide routine as the preventative measure (rather then the mommy-preferred preventative measure of STAYING INSIDE).
5. Child is practically purple from the heat when neighbor realizes something is not quite right during casual chat in the front yard.
6. Neighbor takes dog home and returns with snack, bringing children inside until I get home.
7. Husband calls to see when I will be home, because the kids are inside, and it's annoying.
8. Husband calls to see if he can shave son's head.
9. Husband neglects to mention presence of guests, breaking the 5 minute warning rule we have about guests.
10. I come home to lots of surprises.

I don't even know if this list makes sense - since the weekend didn't make a lot of sense, it's actually OK with me if this post is confusing. Captures the spirit of the times.

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