Friday, September 19, 2008

Maybe it's too soon ?

Apparently, a few days ago, I decided to go get my hair cut today. I don't actually remember MAKING the phone call, but Mauimom is driving me over because - conveniently - I scheduled my hair appointment to correspond with hers. I cannot believe that I was (and cannot take credit for) thinking this through so completely. I think I shall blame it on the anesthesia. I am sure there must be some left in my system SOMEWHERE, n'est pas ?

Regardless, in a short while I am going to get my haircut. Bangs may be in my future. Now, don't hold me to it, because Xena (yeah, that is my hairdresser's name - DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?) may veto my idea right then and there - which will be the moment that I collapse into relieved sobs in her arms.

But if she thinks it is a good idea, I will have a Whole New Look - I am not sure if I really want one, or if I need one, or if it is time for one, but darnit, I am gonna get one by jingo !

IN THE MEANTIME I am trying to figure out how to pay for a copy of my medical records - apparently it costs a great deal of money to get copies (50 cents A PAGE) and so I have to find a way to either get a loan to cover my extensive medical records, or find a doctor to have them sent to. Neither option is really that appealing, I mean, they are MY medical records. But whatever, I'll find a way to get my hands on those damn papers, if it's the last thing I do (which it might, if my medical treatment continues on it's current path.)

I need to go get ready for my Big Exciting Outing, and I will post some pictures for you to critique (laugh at) but please, try to keep it to yourself, I am feeling so sensitive these days. No, really. I am.

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