Saturday, September 20, 2008

Diamonds in my hawaiian ice and photos of The Hair

This morning, my husband spent almost $20 on one dozen cups of flavored ice.

I know, I can't believe it either.

He is blaming the whole thing on Max, who (I freely acknowledge) has no concept of healthy foods or budget - but still, my darling man pulled out HIS wallet and spent HIS hard-earned money on what amounts to cups of frozen syrup.

Apparently, Max negotiated this "deal" - which is why 7 year old boys are not responsible for negotiations. He thinks he got a sweet bargain. All he has actually managed is to guarantee we will NEVER BUY these things ever again. Because trust me, after the dressing down both boys received today, they would be batshit crazy to pull a repeat performance.

The sugary confections are made by our neighbor, in his kitchenette. (I know, this just gets better and better, doesn't it) and he sells them via a magnetic sign on the side of his truck - which is always parked outside of our house. And need I tell you, it is like having a damn ice cream truck parked in my driveway. "Charlie" brought over some free samples 2 weeks ago - keen salesman that he is, he could spot a sucker from over the back fence, and I am sure he knew it was an excellent investment - paying it forward, if you will. And hooooo boy, he really hit his mark. Max has been bugging us daily - literally EVERY DAY since the glorious "day of the free ice cups" - to buy more of these damn things.

Going against every parental intuition ingrained on me through years of apple and cashew butter sandwiches (thank you mama) I bought a whole bag of those disgusting "icee pops" at Walmart - the kind that come in a mesh bag, the plastic tubes filled with colored sugar water just waiting to be frozen - in the hopes of distracting him. Apparently, my plan failed miserably. This morning, while I was in bed and completely out of commission, and despite a freezer full of those disgusting pops, Max somehow connected with our neighbor, placed an order for a dozen cups, and then came back to tell Sami we owed this guy money.

By this afternoon, when I caught wind of the situation, the magnetic sign with the phone numbers was mysteriously gone from the side of the truck, my darling was out $20, and our neighbor was nowhere to be found. Smart man, he has gone underground.

So now, of course, I will have to glare at this neighbor every time I see him for taking advantage of my son, and Max has been thoroughly chastised for overstepping his budgetary bounds. And my husband ? Well, I think he is all clear on the fact that he STILL and FOREVER MORE is not allowed to use his own (seriously impaired)judgement when purchasing foods and/or snacks - obviously, pretty colors and a friendly smile are all it takes to get your hands on his hard-earned money.

No, you may not have my address.

Would you like an icee pop ? I am saving the ice cups for the good company.

P.S. I also have fresh rhubarb berry pie as pictured here, but I am not offering that to anyone, it's ALL MINE. Here's the new hair, also. I know it's already up in a ratty ponytail, and I look like hell, but give me a break. I still have steristrips holding my stomach together and I didn't sleep last night.

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