Friday, April 4, 2014

The Night Before the Ball

I got my eyebrows waxed today. Ouch. They are a pretty angry red right now, I hope that fades soon because otherwise everyone will know that A. I have a unibrow and B. I rocked that thing until the last minute.

But really, the night before isn't the last minute.

The last minute would be standing in the bathroom outside the event, which is where I intend to put on the ridiculous strapless bra-corset thing I am going to have to wear.
Ouch, indeed.

Maintenance is a bitch, and I am not a regular at the groomers.

But I think I am pretty ready already.
I have a dress.
I have shoes.
I have a fancy bag.
I have the aforementioned ridiculous undergarment/contraption.
I have a hair appointment for the big do.
And I have Xanax.

Yes, I have things well in hand, or at least, I thought I did. And then someone asked me if Sam was going to wear a tux. I tried to play it off all casual but inside my brain was screaming:

So. Um. Yes. Hm. Sam is wearing a white shirt! With black pants! AND A TIE. Because in Hawaii, wearing a tie is really serious business. It's just not done. Ever. Even the lawyers wear Aloha shirts and Birkenstocks to court. Or maybe that was just my lawyer. I don't know. MY POINT IS ties are really not worn here for any reason except prom. I literally cannot think of another time when men wear ties. Okay, occasionally there is possibly a formal church wedding - but I have never been to one of those.

I honestly can't think of a single time that I have seen a man walking around in a tie, unless he was knocking on my door to share the good news about our Lord. And when HE showed up I hid behind the sofa.

But not tomorrow. Tomorrow night there will be gowns, and ties, and maybe even TIARAS. (Oh, I really hope there are tiaras.) And I will not be hiding behind the sofa. I will be right there. In the middle of this big, fabulous party. And then there is some sort of late night extravaganza. I will be up way, way past my bedtime. Craziness.

So, here are a few links in case you want to follow the madness. You know what they say: pictures or it didn't happen. So, pictures.

I'm on Twitter and Instagram: @daffodilblog
Imua Family Services has a facebook page for the event.

And you can follow the hashtags #imuaball and #fantasiaafterdark

Or you can just buy tickets, and be there yourself. Because I think that would be best. Don't you?

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Nancy R said...

What does 'Imua' mean? I have a couple of CD's by the group Imua and I've always wondered.