Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trusting our intuition - taking this freak show on the road. Or not.

We had plans for a little mini-vacation today. I use the term "vacation" loosely. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beauty and adventure everywhere we turn here on Maui. Literally, the drive to the grocery store has a view that people pull over on the side of the road to photograph all day, every day.

I drive under rainbows every afternoon. Sometimes double rainbows.

Today we were going to do something even more than the usual daily awesome, though. We were headed to Hana, a drive which is - by all accounts - a beautiful one. We go "the back way" through Kaupo, rather than taking the notorious Road to Hana, and it is breathtaking. And once in Hana, there are caves to explore pools to dive in, beaches to sleep on, roadside grills to eat at, and waves to surf.

It is a magical experience.

So yay, going to Hana.

And then I woke up early. Early as in 3am. And I was a total wreck. I couldn't put my finger on it, exactly, but something was making me anxious. Anxiously is putting it mildly, actually..... I awoke with my stomach in knots, feeling absolutely terrified. I calmed myself down and fell asleep after an hour or so, but when I woke up again a few hours later, I felt worse. I wasn't anxious - I was completely panicked. 

I rolled over and nudged Sam.

"You are going to think I am crazy," I began. He rolled his eyes. He hears that line a lot.
"No, really. I'm almost embarrassed to even say this out loud."
"What's up?" He lay back and closed his eyes, waiting for the crazy to just wash over him. It's best not to fight it.
"We can't go to Hana. I have a really bad feeling. Bad feeling doesn't do it justice, actually."
He turned and looked at me. "I don't think you are crazy."
"You don't?"
"Nope. Last night I had a vision of us getting run off the road past Kaupo by a pickup truck. I thought it was weird. What a random thought to have....... but if you are feeling something too, we're not going to Hana."

Max wandered into our room a few minutes later. "Mom, I had a bad dream last night. I dreamed we got stuck in a cave."
"You did?"
Sami raised an eyebrow.
"Buddy, is it cool if we don't go to Hana today?"
"I don't want to go." Max was clearly uncomfortable. Was he making this up? It seemed weird.

When Lucy woke up, she came to give me a hug. "Mama, I had a dream that a scraped my knee in a cave today. It was really scary."

Sami and I looked at each other and shook our heads slowly.

So we're not going to Hana. I don't know what the hell is going on, but I can say this with certainty: We will have a fine time together no matter where we are, and I certainly don't feel like testing our familial premonition with a two hour drive on this road:

The biggest risk we will take today is going to Walmart on a Saturday to buy more Kleenex. I'll take lots of photos for the album.


Anonymous said...

the gut always knows, no? and clearly a trait you have passed on genetically. your work as a parent is 95% done! ;-) re: Hana... I have only been to Maui once, and spent about a week in Hana for a close friend's wedding. I grew up in magical places where people come to visit, so I am drawn to them and always feel like a local. Hana was one of those places for me. I cried when I left. can't wait to go back. when the feeling is right natch. xo

50Peach said...

Whoa, the goosebumps. It is scary, yet beautiful, that all of your family is that connected to their instincts and with one another. Hope that Walmart trip was exciting and can't wait to see the album! ;) xox