Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is (really) it. This weekend is your last chance.

Ten days til Christmas. Well, nine.
I really need to get on that.

I am not done. Not even remotely done. I am not ready. Not even close to ready.

And I am panicking.

I am cutting it too close. Again.

It's a delicate balance, the timing of gift delivery. I avoid sending the boxes too early, because inevitably I find a few more things tucked away in my closet, and have to send a second box. And I hate trying to hide packages that arrive in November - where the hell am I supposed to put them? I wouldn't do that to someone I care about. I think having presents arrive just in the nick of time is considerate. Minimizes clutter.

You're welcome.

But if - in an effort to be considerate - I send the packages out too late, then they arrive on the 27th. So the recipients don't get their presents in time for Christmas, and think I didn't care enough to send them anything. And I got stuck paying for the express postage for no good reason. That just sucks for everyone.

To keep things as simple as possible, I was going to buy a bunch of gifts on Amazon and have them wrapped and shipped directly. But seeing as how I am currently boycotting Amazon because they screwed up two orders in the last two weeks and they have hideous wrapping paper, I had to find a new approach to holiday gift giving for the overseas set. First rule of order: if I am going to pay for gift wrapping, that shit had better be festive. But it's more than convenience and customer service and pretty paper.

Amazon doesn't need my business, and small businesses do.

Luckily, there are a lot of small business owners out there who are very happy to help me get presents to my family members on time. The big box stores, catalogs and online retailers don't give a crap. Not really. And who wants to stand in line at the post office the week of Christmas, anyway? Not this girl.

Here are some businesses that were recommended to me by friends, famlies, and readers. Heavy on the etsy, because I LOVE THE ETSY. Consider this a grab bag - each link is a surprise! Please visit them. Call them. Email them. Buy from them. They will get your packages in the mail and where they need to go - they have unique gifts, and you are supporting small business. Yay.

Have one to add? Leave a comment, I'll happily add to this list :)


Robin said...

Umm, would it be terribly self-absorbed and tacky to toot my own horn and give you the link to my shop? No? Good! Here you go :).

Fine art, travel and nature photography from around Israel and around the world.

Just sayin'...

Pamela said...

I work in a small, independent bookstore in Oregon, and I just want to say THANK YOU! for spreading the small business love!