Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter break is finally over. I hope the kids don't notice how excited I am.

Tomorrow, my little darlings go back to school. Sadly, most of the other schools on island are closed for another day, and so my mommy friends cannot share in my enthusiasm and breathless anticipation of tomorrow.

In addition to my children going back to school, conveniently my husband has the day off.

Yes, he does.

That's us - just two adults, minding our own business, footloose and fancy free, 6 glorious hours of peace and quiet. No pants required. Movies to watch, snacks to eat, pots of coffee to consume whilst snuggled up on the sofa.

Or maybe we will go to the beach! Lie around on the hot sand with our eyes closed, listening to music and chatting and perhaps sitting up for a few minutes here and there to sip a bloody mary, peering through binoculars at the whales breeching in the ocean at our feet. It's whale season, after all.

Yes, so many possibilities. Just the two of us.


And then my phone rang.
Pants are no longer optional. They will be 100% MANDATORY. And apparently, whale watching will have to wait for another day. Instead of 6 hours focused on the care and feeding of a grownup, my day will be focused on the care and feeding of someone else.

But Tuesday? Tuesday I am totally not wearing any pants. So, you might want to call before stopping by.

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