Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I love, holiday edition: Holiday tunes. I admit it, I used to be totally hot for Bing Crosby BUT NOT ANYMORE.

We have a weird collection of music for the holidays. Part of that can be attributed to the cds we get as gifts from friends and family - I have no idea how they compile the songs included on these anthologies, but You gotta love the cd from my brother that included both John Denver's "Please Daddy (don't get drunk this Christmas)" AND the Peanuts singing "Christmastime is Here".

So herein, some suggestions for your next holiday cd burning extravaganza - these are real uplifting, festive picks:
Sufjan Stevens "Get Behind Me Santa"
Brett Dennan "The Holidays Are Here (We're Still At War)"
Zee Avi "No Christmas For Me"
Brandi Carlile "The Heartache Can Wait"
Dar Williams "The Christians and the Pagans" (Which I like to think is about pagans AND lesbians, which makes it the best holiday song EVER.)
Adult Rodeo "Jesus, He Loves LSD + Me" (okay, so that's not really a Christmas song, but at least it's about Christ, and I think he's got something to do with this holiday. Or something.)
and of course
John Denver "Please Daddy (don't get drunk this Christmas)"

I told you I hate the holidays.
Drink up, people.

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