Monday, June 7, 2010

And then there was one.

We have returned to single-dog status, and none of us could be happier. Especially Boston, which is ironic considering that we GOT a second dog because I thought he was lonely. And you know, maybe he was lonely. But then he maybe realized that being lonely is better then living with a bed-hogging, wood-eating donkey who shits everywhere and steals his food and jumps all over everyone to the point where NO ONE wants to play with the dogs EVER.

"Honey" Sam asked as he rubbed Bostons back yesterday while we all sat quietly in the sunshine. "Did you get a second dog just so I would finally learn to appreciate the first one? Because it TOTALLY WORKED. Boston is awesome."

Yes, sweetheart, that is EXACTLY what I did. It just took sacrificing the porch and the inside of my cargo area, and a year of shoveling massive amounts of dog shit (because seriously, Owen ate - ergo he shat - 3 times as much as Boston.)

So we are back to having one dog. One weird, goofy, sweet, cute dog that we adore more then ever.

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