Wednesday, April 14, 2010

REJOICE ! New beginnings and derby names.

This is what might be referred to as a "follow up post".
Answers to all of your burning questions. (I can't do anything about any other random burning/itching issues you might have, however. Sorry.)

"How's Max liking the new school" you ask?
Well thanks for asking !  He looooooves it. In fact, I don't think I can adequately explain how much he loves it, except to say that this morning - a full two hours before school starts - he was standing in the hallway having an absolute fit because Lucy and I were cuddling in bed waking up slowly, instead of getting up and eating breakfast and getting dressed and GOING TO SCHOOL ALREADY WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR MOM AN ENGRAVED INVITATION?

So yeah. He likes it. You know how else I can tell?

He stopped acting like a miserable asshole.

It's been awesome. Truly. You can't really tell how completely unhappy someone is, until you see them suddenly HAPPY again. Because then, suddenly, you realize that for the longest time, for as long as you can remember, they haven't been happy like that.

And now they are happy, and so you are happy. Happy for them. Happy to be with them. Just happy.

The biggest change is that he is writing.

Let me just repeat that statement. He Is Writing. We have spent the past 3 years battling over homework - writing assignments in particular - because he didn't want to do them. Didn't want to do them, and made our lives miserable trying to get through even the most basic worksheet. "Summarize pages 21-30 in 3-5 sentences." Well, he would write three sentences, maybe 20 words altogether. And then, because he had the 3 required sentences - despite the fact that they may not have made any sense, and that he may not have finished summarizing, in his mind he was done. And that would be that. And no manner of begging, insisting, encouraging or helping was going to get him to write one more word.

Last week, he wrote a poem. A full page. A poem that is actually pretty good. A poem that makes sense, that expresses feeling, that has a coherent beginning,  middle and end.

So yay for Max. He is thriving and loving every minute of it.

"How's the job search going?" you might be wondering.  Well, I have a "trial shift" at the end of the week, where the manager will meet with me, and watch me work, and see if I can follow directions and figure out what needs to be done without being told. "It's a foot in the door" the girls who work there have told me. So I am jamming my foot RIGHT IN THAT DOOR and hanging on for dear life. It is a very entry level opportunity, so I need to see if they are actually planning on promoting me at some point, or if they just need someone to do this entry level job indefinitely. I am happy to work my way up, but only if they will ALLOW me to move up. So, we'll see how that goes.

"And what about derby, woman? How's that going? Do you have a derby name yet?" I love derby. Today I went out and spent $30 on thigh high socks and hotpants. EXCELLENT. The skating - and the stamina I need to skate - are coming along. I am getting more comfortable in my skates, and on them as well. And yes, I do have a name. Several, actually. But I am not officially registered, so I worry about sharing it before I have had the name confirmed and listed. Not to worry, its not THAT exciting, so enjoy the suspense and anticipate THE BIG REVEAL that will probably involve a saucy photo of me in the aforementioned thigh highs and hot pants. It will be a big day on the internets, that's for sure.  I need to give Blogger enough notice so they can prepare for the traffic that is sure to come streaming onto this very site.

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Elly said...

Ha, brilliant Re: Derby madness. Can't wait to see the hot pants + socks! And yay for Max enjoying his new school. I'm so glad to hear that he's happy :)