Sunday, January 17, 2010

The world traveler returns.....weary

We will soon return to our regularly scheduled programming, aka "the World Traveler" series.....but for now, sleep. Tomorrow, I will reunite with high speed internet and my beloved laptop that has been resting these  past two weeks.I will translate garbled notes I hammered into my blackberry memo pad as we bumped along roads, bobbed along rivers, and soared through the skies.

I have so much to tell you. For most of the past two weeks, I have been almost completely disconnected from internet, which was not the plan but the reality of traveling - really traveling - and experiencing - REALLY experiencing - another culture. The thought of taking a break from LIVING so that I could sit down and write was.....distasteful. Not an option. Wrong place, wrong time. The grammar to communicate properly escapes me right now, but I will wrestle with my words and return.
I have been composing posts in my dreams.......or maybe it wasn't a dream, but actually happening. Hard to believe that golden palaces and emerald buddahs and restaurants bobbing in the middle of the sea and half naked ladyboys and baby elephants and dizzy tut tuts could all really exist, co-exist, even......but they did and the do and they shall continue to be so. Oh Thailand, I already miss you.

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