Monday, December 7, 2009

I am not the fun one. I know this.

As I was lying awake at 2:30 this morning, fuming over homework unfinished and dinner ingredients still frozen and Trips To The Beach I Can't Take Because I Work Every Weekend, I realized something.

I am no fun. No Fun At All.

I am not the fun parent. In fact, lately, I am not even a nice parent. I don't play. I am not silly. I don't run around and get dirty. I am burned out (no, not A burn out - BURNED OUT.....there IS a difference. Especially on Maui.) I have been incapable of having fun. Even throwing a fun birthday party, where other people were having lots of fun, did not register on my personal Fun-O-Meter, because I was cooking and packing and shopping and barking directions and trying to take pictures and stressing the fuck out.

I bought the good candy, though. That should count for something. No one buys the chocolate candy for a bunch of kids. But I did. I bought the 5 pound chocolate assortment. And it was good. I also bought the giant "size of your head to big to bite must use a fork" Costco cupcakes. Those were good too. And I made a ham. Doesn't that count for anything?

No. Not really.

But I made a LOT of ham. So much ham that, in addition to MAKING the ham for the party and BRINGING the ham to the party, I also served leftover ham to anyone else at the park who was interested. But I don't get fun points for that either.

I think I might have gotten some fun points for this:

I may not be fun myownself, but I throw a fun party.

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qandlequeen said...

Ease up on yourself. Toss the kids in the car and do something spontaneous like driving around and look at christmas lights. Go get some ice cream. Stop at the video store and get your favorite holiday movie and force the kids to sit through it.

Fun usually doesn't come in planned, well orchestrated moments. Usually those are good photo ops, but that's about it. It's the small, spontaneous, what the hell events that you pull out of your ass that are the most fun and definitely the most memorable.