Friday, November 20, 2009

Bellinis and Broads.

Tonight I had one of those small-town nights, that reminds me why I love this place - and why I need to keep my nose clean.

It was Girl's Night Out - I am talking about a town-wide event, not just "that thing I like to do with my girls once a week".

So our town was having Girl's Night Out, which translated into Bellini's on the porch of the first store we stopped in, and then refills on our glasses of champagne all night long as we made our way from boutique to heavenly boutique.

I found a dress for the company Christmas party that doesn't show my entire tit tattoo. Just enough to keep 'em guessing, know what I mean ? (wink wink nudge nudge)

And I found what I think will be a lovely top to wear with my special Thanksgiving skirt that I wear every year for Thanksgiving.

We went from store to store, and everywhere I went, it seemed like I knew about half of the people there. Small town - but more then that. It was a testament to the people I have met here, and how they have welcomed me into this little world we all inhabit in the middle of the ocean. The stores were packed with women shopping and laughing and hugging and passing clothes back and forth. No one bothered to close the dressing room curtains, because everyone wanted to see what you were trying on, and give their 2 cents about it. Every item that you touched - whether it was a pair of earrings or a pair of jeans, was assessed and appraised and enthusiastically reviewed by the crowd, most of whom were munching on spinach dip and clutching a dixie cup of booze.

Finally, completely soused on Champagne and looking for dinner, we headed down the hill to the cafe for sushi.

The cafe was booming. Who knew? Go figure - I spend the whole day standing there staring into space and mindlessly cleaning glass, and making NO MONEY - and then they get slammed at dinnertime. Ugh. Well, you can't pull all the good shifts, right? Waitressing is always a crapshoot - you never know what you're going to get. (And that is not anything like a box of chocolates, because I always follow that guide thing that tells me EXACTLY what's inside each chocolate. I always know what I am going to get, dammit.)

Speaking of never knowing what you are going to get......tonight we got to try several rolls that we didn't order, because they were brought to our table by mistake. And here's the thing about sushi....I have no idea what fish looks like what, so if you bring me the wrong roll, I'll have no idea until I actually eat it - if then. I might not ever figure it out, come to think of it. So we got a few rolls we didn't order, and then I went in search of one of the rolls we DID order. It was taking forever, and we really wanted the rolls we had ordered, and they weren't coming out. And when I got up there, low and behold one of the rolls we had ordered was sitting there. There were two plates of the same roll, so I asked "is this our veggie tempura" and the sushi chef nodded, and then pointed to table number 7. So I brought one roll to our table, and the other roll to to table 7.

And that veggie tempura roll was goooooood. But it wasn't ours. Yes, it was the roll we had ordered, but it belonged to another table, who I guess had to wait a bit longer for theirs. And that nod had been totally mis-interpreted I guess, because he wasn't nodding to say "yeah, one of those is yours" - he was nodding about something else....I guess. But after 3 glasses of champagne and 3 enormous bottles of Japanese beers, the details eluded me.

Suffice to say, the evening was fun and chaotic all at once. And the sushi chef at the cafe might kick my ass later. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

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