Saturday, September 26, 2009

HAHAHAHA you suck

So my last post, I was all boo-hooing and butt-hurt (not literally, thankyouverymuch) by the mean queen who wasted my time and didn't buy the car and wah wah wah shut up.

I'm over it - oh so over it - because literally ONE HOUR after that bitch had me running around at her beck and call (and giving her a free one-way ride to town HAH ! How was tha walk home honey ?) I got an offer, that was better then ladyfriend had ever tossed my way.

Suck on that.

And yesterday ? I sold the car, was paid cash, and put the wheels in motion to get what is literally the car of my dreams....well, the car of my dreams right now - but I'm fickle, so I leased. Plus, I am never selling another car again. You're welcome.

Life ? Is good.

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