Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not exactly what I had in mind.

Paying for childcare sucks. Especially when the childcare costs about what you are making at work (for which you need the childcare).

So we split the week, when one of us is working, the otherone has the kids. Therefore, no childcare is required.

Cool, huh ?

It IS cool, thank you for noticing. It is cool right up until something unavoidable happens, and you both have to be at work at the same time, and suddenly you need childcare which you haven't needed before and you have no backup plan.

Tomorrow is one of those days.
Except, I came up with a backup plan, and got someone to pick up my shift.
Except, she's sick and can't cover for me after all.
And I have Lucy at home, and Max's end of the year class party.
Plus, I am totally stressed out about the fact that I left a bunch of stuff on the bar tonight when I closed the cafe, and getting reamed for it when I get back to the cafe in the morning.

SO, here's how it's going to go down.

I am going to wake up at 5am. Call the cafe and ask the pastry chef to clean the bar for me because I suck. Apologize and bring her a gift or something when I see her later on. Beg my boss not to fire me. He will be disgusted. I will apologize for being an idiot. I WON'T YELL.

By 7am we are outta here - first to the grocery for the things needed for Max's class party, then on to Max's school, then Nana Lori's to drop Lucy so that I can go cover the shift I gave away but now has been returned to me. I will be at the cafe by 8am. Work for 3-4 hours, hand off to the new girl who is going to cover me during lunch, then race back to get Lucy, and on to the school for Max's class party. I cannot work the full shift - I just can't. Gotta get to Max's school.

Then I am going to nap. Absolutely. Nap.

Tell me, are my posts coming across as crazy and frantic and rushed and out of control and disorganized as I feel these days ?

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