Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, that wasn't what I had planned

Good Morning.

How are you?

What are you doing today?

Me? Oh, not much. I had some plans, oh yes, but now....well.....things change.

I started this morning all excited. Both Kids In School ! Writing in the morning ! Hair appointment at noon !

I started out so well.....dropped kids off (early !) went to the store (bought dinner !) got gas (went through the car wash !) checked my email (no drama !) cruised Facebook (no weird invites or unidentifiable friend requests!). Then I turned off the computer, and looked around.

It's sunny.

It's quiet.


My hair appointment got cancelled, so basically my only entertainment for the day just got snatched away from me.

I cannot think of a thing to write about. Why is it that when I think of great, inspirational, clever, funny things to write, I am in the shower? Or driving with no where to pull over? Or JUST ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP?

I got nothing.

I ate some strawberry jello.

The dog is asleep in the sun.

I weeded the driveway.

It's too early for a beer. (wait, did I just say that ?)

I would take a nap, but then I will feel guilty that I am napping while everyone else in the world is doing something useful and productive. Maybe I should scrub the shower. But really, that is more of a punishment then a chore.

Here's the root of the problem. I don't want to do anything....but feel like I should. I have come to the conclusion that I run at 150% capacity, until I have completely fried my circuits, and then I have to shut down and regroup. Reboot, so to speak. Ooooooh - BOOTS. Maybe I should go buy Lucy the new boots she needs. No, I don't want to spend any money. We don't HAVE any money. No boots. She can be barefoot. There was something else we needed at Walmart - but I can't remember what it is. And I think it's the grand opening of Target on Oahu, which I had fully intended to be there for.....and I'm not. Something else I am not doing.

I wonder, if I lived in a city, would I spend days like this in a museum? I'd like to think so. I could get me some cultcha (as they say in New England - not culture, cultchAH). I would go to the library, but it's closed.

Ugh. Today is totally annoying me. Maybe I'll get a magazine in the mail this afternoon.....that may just save the day, at this point. In the meantime, I have to come up with content for a column. You know, about my exciting life.

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derfina said...

It's five o'clock SOMEWHERE. Drink the beer.