Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have eaten for 5 days straight - don't hug me too hard.

Well, THAT was awesome.

The trip was too short - we had to change and/or cancel some plans, and we left wishing we had just one more day (and maybe a non-stop flight home, that would have been cool). But all that means is that we will just have to plan ANOTHER trip, perhaps in the fall......

While my efforts made ony a small dent in the foodie scene in Seattle, they made an enormous impression on my pants size, and I came close to hurting myself several times. ("just....one.....more...dumpling") It was all food, all the time. Every meal was planned out, and every activity revolved around our meals, as it should.

We ate platters of southern fried goodness, we ate delicate plates touched with sage foam and scented with truffle oil, we ate dim sum at 9am and fruit at midnight, we ate fresh baked goodness - including a bright red frosted birthday cake which was undoubtably the kids favorite. We wrapped the whole thing up with some awful Mexican food at LAX on the way home. A travesty.

I can sum up the entire experience in five words: Thank god for flushable wipes.

I am clutching a mug of tea, almost through with the laundry, and then I need a few groceries, and we shall visit a few friends, and go to the farm for eggs, and then probably collapse on the sofa in a heap of jet-lagged, over-traveled confusion.

Happy Trails.

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derfina said...

Sounds like you had a yummy time!