Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where have you gone, Daffodil Campbell ?

Good GOD people.

I have been accused of living a chaotic life by design, and I swear to you, that is simply not true.

However, chaos reigns.

First, the car saga. We ended up trading in the truck, and getting the car I wanted, and I don't feel totally and completely screwed, so I guess that is good - right ?

Second, the depression. It's been hard. HARD hard. I think things are getting better. I am coming out of the fog, a bit, and having some clarity with regards to my life, my goals, my I just have to clear out the chatter and riff raff. HAH !

Third, and now for something COMPLETELY different. We are bringing home a new foster baby next week. He has a complicated medical history, and will need a lot of extra-special care. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to foster again, and I will be dialing back my level of involvement with other work, in order to focus on the baby, and my family. I think it is going to be good for everyone, frankly. Yes, I will be up at all hours with a newborn again. Yes, he will eventually go home to his parents. Yes, his medical history is complex and the level of care required is very VERY high. But still. And yet. I feel totally prepared, completely ready, and honestly when I foster parent I feel as though I am serving my community in a valuable tangible way. And Sami is a great partner in all of this. He is an amazing father, a supportive partner, and a caring foster parent. The fact that he accepts this part of me, and allows me to fill a need I have that I cannot fully explain, is a sign of the utter faith he has in me. God, I love that man.


derfina said...

What a wonderful way to give of yourself! *smooches* Keep us in the loop!

Jenn said...

You sound amazing, lady. What lucky folks to have you in their lives.

P.S. I am still hysterical at the image of you with one foot up on the sink dealing with (ahem).