Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There's a storm a comin'

I have just come inside from removing all small and/or unsecured objects from our outdoor living space. The wind has really picked up, and I am not sure exactly what tonight, or tomorrow, holds in terms of weather. If tonight is any indication, there is definitely going to be something interesting going on out there !

As the wind picked up, I got everyone in the truck and headed down for an afternoon beach excursion. It was windy - but not unbearably so. And I remembered to bring a beer this time, so that was exciting ! I lazed about in the sun, drinking my beer and trying to keep track of the kids AND the dog, all three of whom had very different objectives for this beach day.

Lucy wanted to bury everyone in the sand, and touch everyone with her sandy self, and drag the dog around to introduce him to people who really weren't interested.

Max wanted to jump off the rocks, into the ocean, wearing as much equipment as possible - at one point he jumped wearing flippers, a mask, a snorkel, and carrying a boogie board. He's a freak.

Boston just wanted to sniff everyone's ass - man and beast. He's very easy to keep entertained.

So, with the leash around my ankle, a clear view of Max, and surrounded by piles of pails and shovels, I managed to actually finish my beer, visit with some friends, and recover from a very quiet shift at the cafe.

Very Quiet.

It's official, the holiday season is over, the tourists are dwindling, and the weather has taken a decidedly wintery turn. And yeah, the word wintery IS relative. Enough with the snarky comments. If you hate the winter, YOU should move to Hawaii and quit bitching about it. Because you know what ? It's freaking AWESOME to live here, and enjoy the beach and the outdoors all year round. Which is why I grew a pair, and moved far from everything and everyone I knew and loved. And now I spend my days warm, tan, and happy. No Seasonal Affective Disorder over here !

Pina Colada, anyone ?

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