Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sometimes you get the worm - and sometimes, the worm gets you

Today I had a really hard day. Trying to juggle holidays, meals, work, kids, errands, attempt to do some laundry - and completely bagged on cleaning the house.

I mean, really. What's the point.

If it isn't obvious yet, my prescription still isn't here (oh, Prozac, how I love you. You make the world seem more peaceful and fair.)

I cancelled our American Express card (also known as my meal ticket) today because, well, I am tired of living according to someone else's whim. These credit card companies are BASTARDS, and today, they just pushed me too far. These employees are obviously on some sort of crazy power trip and you know what, I am over it. Don't send me an offer to transfer a balance, and then DENY IT. You asked, you idiot ! Don't repond by behaving as though I have asked for your firstborn.

It's cash only from this point onward. We build enough credit with the damn mortgage, I don't need revolving credit to help me out.

I put a new For Sale sign on the truck - not even a nibble yet, but maybe it will just take a little time.......Doesn't someone want a nice blue truck for Christmas ?

Tonight I am going to make Creme de Menthe bars (one shot for the mixing bowl, one shot for shot for the bowl, one shot for me.....) and maybe some fudge. I don't know. I'm playing it by ear. I think I am going to need some additional support to make it through the evening.

Prozac, wherefore art thou Prozac.........


derfina said...

Maybe you can find take the edge off!

Jennifer said...

Credit card companies are the DEVIL. We gave up our credit cards about 6 years ago and have never regretted it!