Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm here, I'm here.....

OK, so it took me a few days to recover. Saturday night I informed Sami that we were going OUT to dinner. I had a craving for chinese food, and dammit, we were going to get some. Even if I couldn't really walk, and my back hurt so much that I whimpered every time I changed position.

We trundled down to Watercress in the pouring rain, and binged on saimin, beef and broccoli, and garlic chicken. I sucked down two CocaColas, the kids had ice cream for dessert. It was so exactly what I wanted - though you might not have known it if you saw me nodding off a few times during the meal.

I have slept a lot over the past 36 hours. Power sleep. 12 hours at night, 2 hours on the beach, an hour on the sofa here and there. My body is slowly coming out of it's short-circuited stiff and achy state. My mind is clearing, somewhat.

And yesterday, as I came out of the fog, I looked around my house and totally lost my shit.

There were PILES of THINGS everywhere. The living room, and both kids bedrooms, were littered with Legos. There were crayons, coloring books, art supplies, and paper everywhere I turned. Boxes, with tissue and gifts and wrapping paper and god knows what else were scattered all over the couch, the coffee table, and the kitchen counter.

I started with the tree. With an attitude reminscent of Xena, Warrior Princess, I took the tree down in under 15 minutes. Ornaments were flying, boxes were retrieved from the attic, I dismantled the symbol of the holiday with the tinsel and lights still attached, so desperate to have the damn thing down and away and out of my sight.

The children responded to my raised voice and angry tone in short order. Toys were removed from the surfaces of the living room and kitchen, and they scurried back and forth to their rooms silently, shuttling gifts and toys and clothes and assorted other "things".

I vacuumed.
Sami put things away in the attic.
Sami also put away some laundry, and did some dishes.
I shoved the pieces of the sectional around the living room until I came up with a acceptable layout.
I took down every red and green, gold, sparkly, flashing, plug in piece of holiday crap I could find.
Wreaths were taken down from the outside of the house.
I even soaked off my artificial nails - especially applied for the holidays.

In one hour, we went from festive holiday chaos, to peace and order restored.
Christmas ? It's OVER, dude. O-VER.


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derfina said...

AMEN. My own personal Santa is home, but the pressure is off and I am fooking DONE with it. Here's to peace and order!