Thursday, November 6, 2008

My old man

That's Mr. Old Man to you. Because today, my husband (who I would like to note is waaaaaayyyyy older then me) is turning 40.

Cradle Robber.

You know, even when I am really pissed off - even when I am really pissed off at HIM - when I think of my husband, I smile. He is one of those genuine, nice guys. And though he can, at times, be obtuse, maybe a touch passive aggressive, a bit naive, and terrible with washing clothes - he is a good man. A good husband. A GREAT father. And older. Then me. Much older.

Sorry. Have I already mentioned that ?

The good news is, he is in good health and good spirits. The bad news is, he is just so old.

Well, he is.

Today, in honor of the great day of his birth, lo and many years ago, I am making meatballs.

This should make you very very jealous.

My meatballs kick ass.

I really have to go get everything ready for his homecoming after a long day on top of the mountain, slaving away. But I just wanted to make sure you knew what an important and momentous day this was, for my much older husband. The old guy.

Thankfully, if you would like to have a picture similar to the one above, it does not take much time at all. is the perfect way to create a living hell for your loved ones. Merry Christmas from me.


derfina said...

Tell the old fart happy birthday from bloggyland!

georgie said...

LOL Happy Bithday to the Old man!!! stoppin by from allmed to say HI! I just LOVE that gp and I are 5 yrs apart and lilest bean ALWAYS reminds me that when I was in Kindergarten daddy was a 5th grader and then ewwwww

georgie said...

oh and btw if you had your follow feature enabled i would soooooo follow you!