Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's over

OK, so open mike night did NOT pan out.

I had good intentions. A few bloody marys to loosen up, grab the mike, sing some songs, and then collapse in nervous shock and have to be fed dessert by my husband while shuddering and hating myself for putting myself out there for some serious public humiliation.

So part one went great. I drank puh-LENTY of bloody marys. And then Iwas kind of too drunk to perform. SO we waited for a while to see if I would sober up. And then the restauran got VERY crowded, and I freaked out.

Because not only am I not a fan of performing in public, I am also not a fan of crowds. Especially crowds in Paia. Especially on Halloween. On a REGULAR day Paia has a lot of freaks, many dressed in something that sure looks like a costume - except it's just their regular clothes.
Case in point:
I worked during the day yesterday, wearing a Mad Max wife-beater, army pants, a skull bandanna on my head, and a large amount of 1980-era blue eye makeup. And a side pony tail. A customer actually called me over to settle a disagreement at the table - was I in costume ? Several people didn't think so.

I will have to get my hands on the photos from yesterday and last night, because I Am Sure there are some good ones. I'll post them ASAP. In the meantime, all of our friends who sat around waiting for me to perform last night have vowed to return for each and every open mike night until I actually get up there. One even volunteered to stand next to me and hold my hand. THAT is a true friend.

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