Friday, October 10, 2008

The internet habits of the seriously bored and housebound

I have to get away from my computer.

I am so bored, I cannot see straight. I am trying not to spend money, and the best way I can think of to do that is to stay home. And, it's killing me. Slowly.

It's not that I don't have things to do - there are PLENTY of things I could do, like work or clean....but I am practically a professional at avoiding those responsibilities. You would be amazed.

So here I sit. Online. I mean, we already PAY for the access, so I just consider myself to be getting my money's worth. Dammit.

This week I have implemented some belt tightening measures, which have resulted in even more internet time - researching, listing items on Craigslist (like my truck) sending unsolicited writings to publications, and on and on and on.

But between fleeting moments of productivity, what I am doing is surfing the web and eating. It's pretty pitiful.

Here's my usual routine - mixed in with this is a lot of reading of stories, fetching of water, walks around the neighborhood, and arts and crafts. Lots of arts and crafts. Comments are welcome, but I already know I am pathetic, so you can keep that judgement to yourself, please and thank you.

Wake up, check personal and work email, and CNN.
Get kids ready for the day, take Max to school, come back, and try to blog while playing dollies with Lucy.
Read Perez Hilton and What Would Tyler Durden Do instead.
Eat. Feed Lucy her 3rd meal of the day.
Check emails.
Deal with client dramas if there are any.
Read my blogroll.
Make another cup of tea.
Go to Facebook to update everyone on what I am doing That Very Second, because I know they are waiting on pins and needles to hear all about it.
Eat, and get a snack for Lucy.
Research or pay bills or whatever it is I need to do online.
Check a message board I visit often.
Check my damn email accounts again.
Eat. Feed Lucy.
Pick up Max.
Eat, feed Max and Lucy.
Check email.
Check Blogroll.
Surf the web waiting for the news to begin on NPR.
Snack for the kids.
Start dinner (with a recipe I found online).
Put a movie on Netflix for the kids while I listen to NPR.
Check email.
Feed Kids, Sami and self.
Hand kids off to Sami and try to write for a bit.
Check email, and get in bed, vowing to turn off the computer.
Sneak out of bed to check one last thing.
Wake up at 3am having night sweats (I love menopause!) and can't fall back asleep. Plus, the bed is now all damp. Go to living room.
Check email, read blogs until I am ready to go back to bed.


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derfina said...

You forgot to rinse before you repeated. *grin*