Monday, October 13, 2008

A fake holiday just to mess with my head

It has been a mixed up day.

This morning, as I was sipping delicately on the coffee that replaced the bug tea (I just couldn't do it, I am too OCD for that sort of nonsense, had to dump out the tea after all) my phone rang and it was our neighbor. We made a plan - Beautiful day necessitates a long overdue beach trip - to celebrate a holiday that may or may not be recognized in Hawaii. (County, no, state and federal, yes. So, my son had school, and we had trash service....but no mail.)

We were all topsy turvey, not sure what was open and what was closed. But the beaches are always open, so we went right down the hill and parked ourselves in front of some of the most spectacular surf EVER. It was a winter swell come early, and it was astounding. Waves were curling and rolling and breaking as far out as the eye could see. SO we watched, and snoozed, and the girls built castles and the dog romped. Then we swung by the gelato place (cold gelato is good for sore throats) and Mana (for our bread and dairy necessities). Heading back up the hill, we swung through the neighborhood and dropped off the dog, and the groceries. Then we drove up to the farm stand for a little adventure. Only, the farm stand apparently recognizes the holiday. They were closed.

I don't know what the hell kind of holiday this is - but I am not impressed. In New England, it's Columbus Day and everything is closed. Here, it's Discoverer's Day, and it's a crapshoot. Either, everything should be closed, or everything should be open. Do not mess with my head like this, life is hard enough and gas is almost $5a gallon.

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