Thursday, October 16, 2008

And, lo, a miracle occured

Today, Lucy sang and danced at story time.

For some (most ?) of you out there, this will seem extremely INauspicious. However, for Lucy, it was like the heavens opened and the Angel Gabriel came down and took her hand and led her in song. I have probably completely screwed up any biblical reference, but you know what I mean. The kid usually sticks her head under my chair, covers her ears, and cries when there is group singing and dancing. She gets COMPLETELY freaked out. I don't know why - she just does. But every week, I have returned to story time, held her on my lap and quietly hummed the songs, encouraged her to open her eyes, allowed her to be frightened or upset, and hoped that someday, she would participate with all the other kids.

And today was the day.

She sat in the front row, and participated in 2 different sing-alongs. Not the whole thing, but snips and bits of each. And she was smiling and having fun (when she didn't have her butt in the air and her face buried in the carpet.)


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