Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things that make me giggle

Hah ! Haha ! Hey guess what, I FINALLY F***ING FEEL BETTER. Now, my butt still hurts from the mega shots I got on Monday, and I have some sort of strange hangover from the meds, but still..... ROCK ON I don't feel like shit ! Maybe I am still punchy from the shots, or just overtired, but I am finding an awful lot of things funny.

Hot Heat
As I stepped out of my acupuncturists office, into blazing 90 degree sunshine, she gave me a hug and told me to stay warm. I got in my car and promptly burned the back of my leg on the upholstery. I had to drive part of the way home sitting on newspaper because the seat - and the car, and the island, for that matter - was so damn hot. I don't think I will have trouble staying warm.

If you hear a toot, shout "Ducks ! I hear Ducks!"
Max is not consistent about closing the bathroom door when he is peeing. God knows, when he is doing anything else in there, the bathroom door is locked tight - but peeing ? Not so much. So he was standing there, peeing, and he tooted. What can I say, we still think farts are funny around here. I stuck my head in the door and yelled "Ducks!" and he turned around and shot me that big toothy grin, and started to laugh - if he hadn't just peed, and if his pants weren't still around his ankles, he totally would have peed his pants.

Everything is smaller in Rhode Island
Last night as I fell asleep, for some odd reason I remembered a conversation I have had with Becky a number of times, trying to teach Iowans how to pronounce certain words properly. "Erin" was a name that we worked on for days, trying to teach these sweet midwesterners how to stretch the vowels and swallow the consonants as only Rhode Islanders can. For the record, the correct way to pronounce "Erin" is "EHRhin" You have to say it fast - really, really fast. No, not like that. Emphasis on the E, and add an H, and the "in" part is sort of unimportant....Sort of. Yeah, you kind of got it. Well, just keep trying. We can't all speak proper English, I guess.

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