Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hold Your Fire


Save it.

Save your outrage. Keep it with you. Nurture it. Bring it out and show it for all to see, and then tuck it away for a while, a few minutes or a few hours or several days or a week, a month, a year if you must. If it too much to bear right now, it is okay. If you need to take a break, if you are exhausted and overwhelmed with sadness, then put it away, deep inside you. Let that spark inside you rest, and recover and grow stronger again so that it is infused once more with the power of your feelings as they are right this minute. Remember this day. Remember last night. Remember last week. Remember last summer. Those things - all of those things - happened. Take a breath. Look around.

Hold your fire.

Reach out your open hand. Lift someone up.

But don't forget. Don't let that flame of anger be snuffed out. Always be ready. Always be ready to stand up for what is right, and to squash all that is wrong - so very wrong - in this world. In the world around you.

There is a lot to be outraged about. Your flame will burn brightly if you remember it is there.
If you bring it out into the light.
If you show it to others.
If you say what you are thinking out loud to those around you.

Because the only way that each of us can make a difference, is by adding all of our relatively small contributions and perspectives to the larger discussion. It is easy to be indignant on social media. It is simple to change your profile photo to one reflecting your views on the latest tragedy. But it is the little things that you yourself can do, every day, that make a difference.

This is true with all things in life, but it is especially true in the face of a tragedy.

Hold your fire. Because it is a weapon more powerful than any gun. Your words and actions can someday hit their mark. Can hit it over and over again until the inequality and fear is smashed.
Torn apart.
Burned to the ground.

So that your light can shine through.

Direct your anger and that dark feeling of helplessness towards the inequality in this country. Towards the very real fear that exists between people, and police, and the laws of our country. Police should not be afraid. The people they serve and protect should not be afraid.

It is okay to be angry. I don't understand how anyone can NOT be angry.
But everyone - the people on the streets and the snarky politicians who think they know best, and the cops in their riot gear hoping they are going to make it home to their families...... they all need to remember.

Hold your fire. Hold it up. Let it shine, and warm you and others.
Lead the way.

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